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About Us

At Lalipop Design, we live by the motto “Feel Stunning Everyday”!

The Brand name “Lalipop” comes from our founder and designer Nilhan Karayazgan’s precious daughter, Lal. Being a lively and spirited little girl, her friends nicknamed her “Lalipop”. So, when Nilhan decided to create her own brand with an energetic, fun, and colorful character, the name was clear to her: “Lalipop Design”.

Lalipop Design started as a design studio in the heart of Istanbul, where we would design the pieces and have them produced at different ateliers under our supervision. Soon we became disenchanted with the workings of the textile industry. Mass-production was the norm and there was little or no respect for either sustainability or an ethical workplace! So we went over and beyond, took some loans, and rented the floor space below our design studio to set up our own atelier, where we can be more sustainable and eco-friendly, as well as maintaining an ethical, humane workplace where there is gender equality, no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, no uninsured or child labor, and no overtime work without pay. We feel proud that we were able to sustain this understanding of a humane workplace during the pandemic, with no pay cuts or lay-offs, even when we were in shutdown or quarantine.

Now we have an atelier of our own where we only produce the numbers we need which mean less energy usage and a lower carbon footprint!  

We have been working with different foundations and schools to upcycle our leftover fabrics and accessories so that they don’t end up at landfills!   

We never use animal products like fur or leather. Instead, we look for alternative materials like faux fur and vegan leather to use in our products.

With the pandemic, we began to upcycle our fabrics into facemasks and got great feedback! With this experience, we have decided to design and produce clutches, tote bags, and home textiles where we upcycle the leftover fabrics and accessories from the production at our atelier. The little that remains leftover becomes recycled. 

We also love to work with love! We understand that we, humans, are at our best when we feel at home in our workplace and enjoy what we are doing. So we have created a workplace where everyone is treated fairly and respectfully. We - Sena, Seyhan, Latif, Ali, Barış, Lal, Idil, and Nilhan - at Lalipop Design have an understanding of sharing our different experiences and unique qualities as a team and learn from each other every day in creating our collections.  


We believe that when we “feel stunning every day” we can create pieces that make our customers “feel stunning every day”!

Lalipop Design Tekstil San. Ve Tic Ltd. Sti.   |   Mesrutiyet Mah. Kodaman Sk. No.5 Kat.3 Nisantasi   |   34363   |   Istanbul   |   TURKEY

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